Welcome to the first resource collectors cats in Donbass!

The heart of the portal is a private collection of cats "Cats on a palm" (owner: Zhovtobrukh Sergey, Donetsk, Ukraine).

The collection is not big, but constantly grow.
The collection
of cats "Cats on a palm" put almost 10 years ago and at this point in the collection is more than 2000 items: figurines, toys, souvenirs. In the collection there are figurines made of porcelain and pottery, clay figurines and bells, magnets, decorative articles made of glass, plastic, rubber, bronze, jewelry and fashion jewelry, decorative items and utensils, more than three hundred postcards from 1900 to today, postage stamps and envelopes, pocket calendars (1979 2009g.g.), children and professional books, cartoons and movies, music, computer games. All the exhibits were purchased in
Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lugansk, Kiev, Lviv, Crimea, and brought friends from Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, UAE, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, different parts of his native Ukraine.
The collection presents the author's work: articles of shells Marchenko E. and Morgunova K.P. (Donetsk), artist Belinskaya OB (Russia), Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine Vakulenko N.N. (Yalta), the master of folk art Kechedzhi O.A. (Mariupol). In the collection there is no similar artifacts - each has a unique originality, versatility and grace image Cats.
In 2008 was exhibition of "Cats on a palm" in the
Donetsk regional museum. The exhibition aroused great interest, gave the audience a great aesthetic pleasure. Visited it about 2000 people.
The main objective of the portal - to unite collectors of Donbass and other regions and countries. Communicate, share, enjoy each other, conduct joint exhibitions. This is a chance to emerge from the shadows, to find support like-minded people.
I hope that each of you will find not only something interesting for yourself, but also get a lot of aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the image of the independent pet planet - Cats.



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